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  • Capacity
    Holds 1 Dozen Eggs

Henlay Quail 12-Egg Carton, 3x4 design, Qty 30, 144

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We are proud to offer these durable quail egg cartons from Henlay! Henlay egg cartons are sturdy, strong, and made using 100% recycled cardboard.

Thanks to feedback from our amazing customers, Henlay has a new style of eggs cartons to offer. They took the style and materials from the popular 3x4 vintage-style chicken egg cartons and micro-sized them for quail eggs. They feature the same recycled cardboard and two-clasp design that make our chicken egg cartons so sturdy and durable. Since quail eggs are so small and light, the paper pulp is lighter and thinner.

The flat top of these quail egg cartons measures 4.5" by 3.25". The height is 1.5". The top is blank, so you can add your own custom stamp representing your farm or business. We recommend getting a stamp made by a custom designer, to personalize. Alternatively, you could hand-decorate the cartons or add a ribbon or twine.

The tiny size makes these cartons perfect for making adorable craft projects, seed starter trays, and packaging for gifts or candy. They also work well in the garage as sorting containers or parts holders.

  • Holds 12 quail eggs.
  • Provides great shock absorption for reduced breakage.
  • Made from recycled cardboard and is environmentally responsible. Biodegradable, reusable, recyclable, and compostable!
  • The 144 bulk quail egg carton bundle is ideal for larger farms or operations and selling at the local market.

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