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Molt Mending Supply Kit - Regrow feathers quickly

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The Molt Mending Supply Kit includes:

This Molt Mending Supply Kit includes the basic supplies that you will need to support your flock during the molting season!

RopaPoultry Oregano Oil: This naturally supportive formulation includes essential oils to fight fungi, bacteria, and parasites. You can use RopaPoultry to help prevent viral and bacterial ailments and to treat digestive issues like pasty butt. It can also help improve the condition of skin and feathers.

Zyfend A Digestive Health & Deworming Supplement: Zyfend A is a proprietary, all-natural supplement for use during stressful times, including molting, environmental changes, or other events to help maintain normal digestive health. Flock keepers also use this to keep intestinal parasites away. Best of all, it's safe for use in organic-certified flock management and has no egg-withdrawal period.  

Happy Hen Treats - Bug Bonanza: Your chickens will find this blend of four different dried bugs just delicious, and they'll absolutely love you for treating them during the molting season! The all-natural, high-protein blend in Bug Bonanza contains grubs, mealworms, battles, and shrimp.  


Due to health and safety concerns, food and vitamin products cannot be returned.

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