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    2 gal, 10 lbs

Outside Fill Chicken Feeder/Waterer

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These high-end automatic feeders and waterers reduce feeding and watering headaches with their clever design. Because they mount on walls or fences inside (or outside) your coop, they are an excellent, mess-free choice for the new chicken keeper and "old" hands alike.

Outside-Fill Automatic Waterer:
The German made float in this drinker contributes to clean, fresh water by keeping the flock's water out of the way of the dirt and bedding that chickens can scratch into waterers set on the ground. The opaque color also helps to eliminate algae and slime, keeping the flock's water clean for a much longer period of time. (Mount away from sunlight to further reduce algae growth.)

The waterer holds 2 gallons and is easily fillable from outside the coop or run, when utilizing the outside mounting system.   We recommend one waterer for every 4 - 5 chickens in your flock.  "Our outside fill waterer is designed so that water does not sit in the cup, but that the cup fills when the chicken pecks at the "tapper" (yellow part). If you press on it, with water in the tube portion, it should release it into the cup.  "

Dimensions: 4" x 4" x 25"

Waterer Assembly Tip: When tightening the o-ring and nut inside the waterer, it may be helpful to use a pair of long needle nose pliers in order to reach the bottom.

No-Beak-Out Automatic Feeder: 
The automatic poultry feeder has been specifically designed to help prevent feed hens from "beaking out" their feed, where a chicken is looking for the "choice" bits of feed, and knocking everything else onto the ground. It also saves floor space in the coop!

Because of the small, no-waste, mess-free feed access area, chickens can't easily "beak out" and discard pellets and mash. Plus, the specially contoured feed entrance, which doubles as a rain shield if the feeder is mounted outside, deters rodents and wild birds from stealing or contaminating your chickens' feed.

This new feeder is the most efficient poultry feeder on the market. It can be mounted inside or outside of any style coop, or to barns or other stationary objects. No more crawling into your coop to refill, or fumbling to manage those big, clunky feeders that take up so much space. But even with the small footprint, this feeder holds a whopping 10 pounds of feed!  We recommend one feeder for every 4 - 5 chickens in your flock.

Dimensions: 26" x 6" x 9"

Both the waterer and the feeder are made of extruded and molded food-grade PVC. Because it is colored all the way though, that means there is no paint to scratch off. 

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