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Pullets: Golden Cuckoo Marans

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Don't have the time, equipment or inclination to care for chicks? Or were you ready for fresh eggs yesterday? This is the tickets! At 6-7 weeks old, these started pullets are ready to go outdoors, with no heat or special care requirements. Another wonderful benefit is that our juveniles are sexed twice, once at hatch and again at 6 weeks, which reduces your chance of ending up with roosters. Our six-week started pullets are floor-raised and socialized with humans, vaccinated for Marek's disease, and their beaks are intact--we never trim.

The Marans breed was developed originally developed in France in themid 1800's in the town forwhich it bears its name, Marans. (This is why the name of the breedalways has the "S" at the end, whether singular or plural.) Maransbecame popular for their dark mahogany-brown eggs--a trait they arestill known fortoday. Golden Cuckoo Marans are calm, quiet andgentle. These birds may have lightly feathered legs or bare legs. The beautiful feathers of the Golden Cuckoo are crossed throughout with irregular dark and light golden colored bars, similar in some ways to Crele coloration. Egg color with this variety is dark, but not quite as "chocolaty" as the Black Coppers.

Colored eggs are always a more brilliant color early every laying season, and slowly fade as the season progresses. So, the first eggs a pullet ever lays will be herdarkest.The "dye" is brand new and abundant! As the eggs get more frequent andlarger, they will slightly lighten in color, as more of the coloring isused every day and is spread out over a larger egg surface area. Inaddition, the eggswill slightly darken again after your hen has gone through a period ofreduced laying or rest, for example after a molt.

Read more about Marans.

All Started Pullets are shipped USPS Express Mail.

**Please do not immediately turn your started pullets out with an existing flock. Read why, here.

These pullets will be vaccinated for Marek's disease and be 6 weeks old when shipped.


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