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  • Capacity
    Up to 22 Chickens

Shiloh Coop/Run Building Plans (22 chickens)

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These plans are a customer favorite! The "Shiloh" offers 60 square feet of floor space, to accommodate up to 22 hens. What sets these coop plans apart:

* Organized roosting bars (opposite side from the nests) makes cleaning easier and provide plenty of room for hens.
* Six nest boxes. 
* Walk in for easy sweeping and cleaning, open floor plan.
* Coop sits 1' off of the ground to ease cleaning & egg gathering.
* Flock can take cover under the coop in the rain or intense heat.
* Includes plan for attached run, too!

If built as specified, should be completely safe from predators, and free of drafts, yet well ventilated. Install sliding windows with predator-proof screens for additional ventilation. Keep reading for more important info about this great coop!

Main portion of coop is 6' deep,  9' tall at peak,  10' long by 7 1/2' wide. 

Materials Cost
Cost of materials will vary by location and materials used.

Downloading the Plan
On the order confirmation page on the final page of the online checkout process, you will see a link to download the plans. Don't worry if you miss it! We'll also email you a download link separately, valid for 7 days after purchase.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
If it turns out these plans aren't right for you, let us know within 30 days and we'll refund you in full.

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