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    Up to 4 Chickens

Snap Lock Formex Chicken Coop, Standard White (Up to 4 Chickens)

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  • Easy Assembly:  The snap-lock design allows for quick and hassle-free assembly without the need for tools or professional help.
  • Durability: Made with high-quality materials, the coop offers excellent resistance to weather, predators, and wear and tear.
  • Hygiene and safety: The coop includes features such as easy-to-clean surfaces, proper ventilation, and secure locking mechanisms to ensure a clean and safe environment for the chickens.
  • Space-efficient: The coop offers ample space for multiple chickens, maximizing productivity for backyard poultry keepers.
  • Customization Options: Add on a stand and stair kit, and run for even easier chicken keeping.

The Formex Snap Lock standard chicken coop provides a hassle-free and quick assembly experience, with a snap-lock design that eliminates the need for tools or professional help. It is built to last, made with high-quality materials that offer excellent resistance to weather, predators, and wear and tear. Hygiene and safety are a priority with features like easy-to-clean surfaces, proper ventilation, and secure locking mechanisms.

This coop is space-efficient, providing ample room for multiple chickens to maximize productivity for backyard poultry keepers. Additionally, it offers customization options such as an automatic door, stand and stair kit, and run to enhance your chicken-keeping experience.

The Formex Snap Lock Standard Chicken Coop is available in white or tan and can house up to 4 standard or 6 bantam chickens. Made of double-walled polyethylene plastic, this coop is lightweight yet heavy-duty, and 100% UV-resistant. Assembly is a breeze and can be completed in minutes with step-by-step instructions.

The coop features three nest boxes and 2""x2""x35” wood roosting bars, providing your chickens with plenty of space to rest and lay their eggs. It also includes two adjustable vents on the roof for proper ventilation and a removable sliding litter tray for easy cleaning.

The Formex Snap Lock chicken coop comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty, is made in the USA, and ships for free within one business day. If you need a larger coop, the Formex Snap Lock Large Chicken Coop can accommodate 8-10 chickens.

Overall, the Formex Snap Lock Standard chicken coop is a reliable, sturdy, and easy-to-assemble option that offers a safe and comfortable home for your flock.


  • Chicken Coop Dimensions: 42" x 39" x 29" (When the lid is fully open, it adds an additional 12"to the height)
  • Chicken Door Dimensions: 12" x 12"

We also offer the Formex Snap Lock Large Chicken Coop, which fits up to 8 chickens.

Shipping Information for the Formex Snap Lock Chicken Coop

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If your coop arrives damaged or defective, please notify us immediately upon receipt, allowing us to file a case with the manufacturer or shipper. Late reporting may not be eligible for a refund. We may ask you for photos or we will provide a shipping return label to return the damaged or defective coop for repair or inspection. After receipt, we will offer a fair resolution depending on the extent of the damage or defect.

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