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Space-Saving Feeder, 10lbs w/Rain Cover

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Feeding your small flock has never been so easy! This petite, 10lb chicken feeder is so easy to fill and clean, and it can hang right on the wire mesh of your run, or rest on an elevated platform like a cinder block. This feeder is a great choice for smaller coop setups where maximizing space is of the essence. It also makes a great grit feeder for any size flock.

Feed your chickens—not the ground! This "no-waste" and no-mess feeder is ideal for 4-6 chickens, 12 weeks or older, or really for fowl of any kind. This innovative feeder solves all the problems of standard feeders. For starters, birds can't spill their feed—the port design ensures it. Birds have to stick their heads in to eat. Lack of spillage not only keep the mess to a minimum, but will also save you big bucks in the long run. (They are also not able to poop in the feed, which leads to healthier chickens... another type of saver!)

How it's different from "regular" chicken feeders
With regular trough or hopper feeders, chickens can "beak out" feed, looking for choice morsels. Sometimes they may even jump up, feet in the food bin, and scratch feed out onto the ground. With those regular feeders, chickens can waste as much as they eat, or more!  This "no waste" feeder that puts an end to all that; chickens have to stick their heads inside the feeder to eat. They're unable to beak out, and there's not enough room to stand and scratch.

Great for Ducks!
These feeder ports also works great for ducks! Here is a handy tip to keep the feed dry even with drippy ducks! Place the feeder further away from the water source, the ducks will spill or drink the water by the time they reach the feeder and not get the feed all wet!

Dimensions: 5.5" x 5.5" x 17"