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  • Capacity
    Holds 1 Dozen Eggs

Split-Apart Egg Cartons - Securely Holds 6 or 12 Extra Large Eggs

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Cartons as fresh as your eggs! You asked, and we listened. This design is thanks to the helpful feedback of our loyal customers. These cartons can be split to hold 6 eggs or kept whole for a full dozen. We’ve created this design with the backyard chicken enthusiast (crazy chicken lady, if you prefer) and small-scale farmer in mind.

This design does not include the FDA-required markings, but most states do not require them if they are not being sold in a retail location. Our mission at Henlay is to create egg cartons that you will be proud to cradle your hard-earned, fresh eggs.

The customized vintage farmhouse design is sure to draw attention whether you are sharing with friends and family, or selling at the local farmer’s market. The print includes the phrases “Farm Fresh, Hand Gathered, Laid Local, and Fresh From Happy Hens.”

Henlay cartons are sturdy and strong, made in the USA, using 100% recycled materials. These pulp fiber cartons and reusable and biodegradable. They work great for planting seedlings or home crafting projects.

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