How can I track my baby chick package? Do you provide a tracking number?

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We will send you an email with the tracking number for your order when your chicks "fly the coop," and you can use that to follow their progress. We mark our shipments "CALL ON ARRIVAL," and most post offices ask customers to pick up their peeping packages right at the post office. The phone number(s) you provide will be on the shipping label so they can contact you. (Some post offices deliver them right to your door instead of asking you to pick them up, however.)

We recommend that you go to your local post office, let them know you have a shipment of live animals coming on your hatch week, give them your best contact information, and make sure you understand their policies for handling shipments of live animals. That way there will be no confusion the day the chicks arrive. If you do not want them to attempt home delivery, be sure to let them know your preference.

Tracking Your Package

USPS tracking data may be up to 48 hours delayed, so when you track your package, you may see a message saying "Delivery status information not available." Rest assured the tracking number we provided you is correct. If your package hasn't arrived by late Thursday (for orders that ship on a Monday), your local post office should have more information, so you might try phoning them if you are concerned. Please also call us at 908-795-1007 if your chicks have not arrived by 5:00 pm on Thursday.

You may also sign up at to receive text alert notifications on the status of your order.

Express Mail Shipments

Despite what their website says, the USPS does NOT guarantee overnight delivery on shipments containing baby chicks, unfortunately. Please ignore the guaranteed delivery time frame as well as the money-back guarantee lingo on their website, as it does not apply to live animal shipments. Live animal shipments require special handling which exempts them from overnight guarantees. You can find out more information about that here:

My chicks were delivered a day late by the post office. Will they refund my shipping since they didn't meet the overnight Express Mail guarantees?