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My chicks are all available on different dates. Will they ship at different times, or all at once?

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All at once! All your birds must ship together for their safety. Alternatively, you can choose to place two or more separate orders, but each one must meet the safe shipping minimum for your area. Don't worry--our shopping cart enforces that minimum, so you can't accidentally order too few for shipping safety. You can read more about minimums on each chick ordering page, or in the related questions below.

When you place your virtual babies in your online basket, you will be given an estimate of the first date they will all be available on the same date. Even when you choose more than one breed, you don't have to figure the date yourself in order to place an order. Plus, if there are several dates on which your combination of birds will be available, you will have a selection of ship date choices later in the check out process. Be sure to think carefully before placing your order, since changing it later incurs a $5 nonrefundable fee (when a change is even possible). Read the related questions below to see how to change an order, and whether an order can be changed.

If you are aiming for a specific date and want to know what is available on that date, it's easy! You can filter breeds available by date by using the pull down menu at the top left of the day old chicks page. Availability is updated automatically every five minutes, so it is as accurate as possible. Remember, when you see availability of the breeds you want for the date you want, you will want to make your purchase ASAP to reserve those chicks for yourself. Simply placing chicks in your cart does not reserve your birds.