About Ordering

The website says the breed I want is available for a date I want, so why isn't that a choice when I'm checking out?

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In most cases, that will be because you are ordering more chicks than are available for your preferred date. When you place virtual chicks in your shopping basket, My Pet Chicken's automated checkout system takes quantity into account, so it could be that you're trying to ordering FOUR chicks when we only have one or two left on your preferred date.

When that is the case, obviously, we can't reserve chicks for you that we don't expect to have, so you are offered only the date choices in which your combination of breeds--and at the quantities you want!--will be available. Availability is updated automatically every five minutes so it is always accurate.

In other cases, depending on the time of year, you may be attempting to order fewer than our safe winter minimums will allow. In winter, your minimum order will be significantly higher in order to make sure the chicks stay warm and safe, so if you attempt to order fewer than that amount, our system will either have to offer you a later shipping date during the warmer part of the year, or will not be able to offer you a date at all. If that happens, you will either need to add chicks to your order so that you can get an earlier shipping date, or accept a later shipping date if our system offers one.