What happens if a duckling or gosling is incorrectly sexed?

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It's always disappointing when a bird isn't sexed correctly, especially if your "girl" ended up being a "boy" and was the family's favorite bird! Unfortunately, since waterfowl sexing is an art, not a science, sometimes errors do occur.

To report an error, first be sure you are reporting during the correct reporting period! Early or late reports can't be processed. Sexing errors must be reported when the waterfowl are 10 to 22 weeks old.

Second, to make your report, email, chat, or give us a call at 908-795-1007.

Third, be sure to provide the name under which the order was placed, the email address you used for the order, or (preferably) your order number so we will be able to assist you. We may ask you to email pictures of your bird for our records and to help us confirm the error.

Finally, remember not to rehome your suspects early--you don't want to accidentally rehome your "drake," only to later be disappointed to learn that "he" turned out to be a duck!

Not sure if you have an error or not? Read about how to tell the difference between male and female ducks and geese here:

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