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What if one of my chicks dies on the way to me?

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Losses are rare (we see them happen about 1% of the time), but they do occur. For that reason, we recommend that if you have children, make sure they are not around when you open the package. If you do experience any losses, be sure to let us know within 48 hours of having received your order so your loss will be covered by our live arrival guarantee. If someone else is picking up or caring for your chicks for some reason, be sure to have them contact us within the 48-hour deadline to report any losses.

When reporting losses, make sure to include your order number, which can be found on your receipt or on the email we sent you with your confirmed ship date. If you can't find your receipt or your email, you can also find your order number by signing in to your My Pet Chicken account online to access your past orders. We will need this information to make the loss report. If you have left us a phone message, we will also need this information so we can know to whom to return the call, and how to reach you.

Make sure also to let us know which chick has died. It's okay to guess, if you're not sure, as some are hard to distinguish at a young age if you have uneducated eyes. We will need to know which one has died not only for our own records, but also so that we will know how much to credit or refund you. If you bought a hatchery choice assortment, you can just report the loss as one of your assortment, although breed is still helpful for our records if you do know which one passed.

You can report losses by email or by phone. If you phone us, we can help you troubleshoot go over a few things that may help if any birds arrived weak. We will do the same thing by email, but emails can take two business days to be answered, so it is usually better to phone in these cases. If lines are busy or if you are calling outside of business hours, just leave us a message so your report will be on deadline. Our toll free number is 888-460-1529.

Remember that we cannot ship one chick at a time, as that is not safe for them, so replacement chicks for losses are rarely possible. Generally, you can either choose to get a refund for the lost chick, or a credit for a free chick on your next order with us that meets the minimum for your area. You must click "I understand and accept" before completing your order with us to make sure you have reviewed and approved these policies.

For more detail, please read these policies online right here at any time.