About Ordering

What's the best way to order a breed that always seems to be sold out?

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We're sorry the breed you want is currently sold out, but yes---there is hope if you're diligent!

It's the MUST HAVE white Silkie!

Our website always has up to date availability information, because as orders are placed, our inventory of chicks is updated automatically every five minutes. Sometimes more availability dates can be added throughout the year due to updates to our flocks' expected egg production, or due to cancellations by other customers. This additional availability is usually added on Mondays and Tuesdays, so those are the best days to check for new dates.

So, if out of stock status should change and the birds become available again, that new availability will be reflected on the website, too. Just be sure to keep checking the availability of your preferred breed by clicking to view its respective page on our website.