Which breed of chicken is most predator resistant?

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What are we talking about here--force fields? Body armor? No--unfortunately, no breed of chicken is "predator resistant." The only way to prevent predator attacks is to keep your flock in a secure run and coop at all times. Remember, too, that if you have a run that is NOT secure and a predator gets into it, your birds will have no means of escape. If they were ranging, they could run or fly away! Not so in a coop or run where they may be trapped with any hungry predator who gets in.

It can help to keep a fierce rooster

So if you keep your birds enclosed, do make sure it is absolutely secure against predators. Predators can dig under, go over and in some cases go through, if you've made the mistake of using chicken wire for your run. Remember, chicken wire is not secure against determined predators--it will keep chickens in, but it won't keep predators out.

If you are looking for a breed that is quick enough to escape predator attacks in a free range situation, you will probably be looking for a smaller "flighty" chicken breed like a Hamburg, Leghorn, Campine, Ancona or various game bantams.