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Will I be notified if my shipment has to be delayed for some reason? I don't want to ask for the wrong week off work!

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Well, that's a more complex question than you may think. If there should be a problem on hatch day, of course we will contact you just as soon as we are aware, so you'll know to expect an altered shipment, or not to expect birds that week (depending on what you've asked us to do in the case of a hatch day issue). However, keep in mind that it wouldn't be before the Monday of hatch week, since we wouldn't know that there was a shortage of females hatching (for example) until after the babies had hatched and had been sexed.

Our chickens don't hatch until the wee hours of Monday. After you had been notified if there's a delay, we would contact you again to let you know what your new date will be. We do understand that this uncertainty can be problematic if you are planning to schedule time off work, but unfortunately, there is no way for us to know about these issues beforehand. Sometimes Mother Nature just throws us all a curve ball.

We recognize that for some people, the date they receive the baby chicks is more important, while for others, getting their exact breed choices is more important. That's why we allow you to select to accept substitutions or not in the event of a hatch day problem. If you need your chicks to ship without delay, be sure to choose "will accept hatch day substitutions" when you place your order, and let us know in the "order notes" or "substitions" section that your chicks must ship on schedule, even if you must receive substituted breeds.