Jute Bunny Egg Easter Craft

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Jute Bunny Egg Easter Craft

This DIY Jute Egg Bunny Easter Craft is fun and easy for kids and adults! Use them as a table decoration, display them in an egg carton, or hang them on an Easter Tree. Most of these common supplies can already be found in your home. Check out our other Easter craft project blog for more family fun!

A jute egg bunny is placed in a terra cotta planter with three colorful eggs placed in from of the planter.
DIY Jute Bunny Egg Craft

Supplies needed to make a Jute Bunny Egg:

  • Jute cord (any size, larger is easier/faster.) You can also use twine or yarn for this project
  • Plastic egg
  • Hot glue & hot glue gun
  • Scissors
Supplies needed to make a jute bunny egg including a roll of jute, a pair of scissors, and two plastic eggs.
Simple supplies needed to make a Jute Bunny Egg


1. Starting the Jute Bunny Egg

Starting at either end of the egg, glue the tip of the jute cord to one point on the egg and let dry. Do not pre-cut your cord, it could end up too short and you won't be able to finish the egg!

2. Begin Spiralling the Jute

Once the tip is glued in place and has dried, start to spiral the jute down towards the other end of the egg, adding glue periodically. It's super easy for the cord to start slipping as you spiral it, so it's best to add glue to every "spiral" or full circle you make.

3. Finishing the body

Continue the gluing and spiraling process until you reached the opposite end of the egg. Once you get it as tight of a circle as possible, cut the cord. Add a drop of glue to keep the end of the jute spring in place.

4. Making the Ears

The ears can be a little tricky! Cut a bit of the cord and glue each end to the back top of the egg, bending it in an upsidedown V shape, like the shape of a bunny ear. You can add a wire to shape the ear more precisely and keep it stiff. To do this, bend the wire in an upsidedown V shape, like the shape of a bunny ear. Glue the jute along the front of the wire and let dry. Next, slightly poke the wire in between the jute on the top of the head to tuck in the bottom of the ears. Add glue to keep in place and let dry. Repeat this process for the second ear.

A jute bunny egg rests on an egg carton that is filled with colorful eggs.
DIY Jute Bunny Egg

Get creative and use different color yarns for a fun and festive Easter display!

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