DIY Easter Craft - Felt Chicken

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DIY Easter Craft - Felt Chicken

This felt chicken DIY Easter Craft is fun and easy for kids and adults! They will brighten any room and not just at Easter time. Most of these common supplies can already be found in your home. Check out our other blog craft projects for more family fun!

A DIY felt chicken with wire feet stands on a table in front of a white bowl filled with colorful eggs and fresh flowers.
Little Chicks are a fun project for both adults AND kids!

Supplies Needed for DIY Chick Easter Craft

  • Felt Squares in 2 colors (more if you are feeling extra crafty!)
  • Embroidery Needle
  • Thread
  • *(Glue gun/glue could be used as an alternate method for this project instead of sewing)
  • Poly-fill for stuffing
  • Scissors
  • Craft wire - at least 16 gauge
  • Wire Cutters
  • Pliers
  • Fabric Marker
  • Printed pattern


1. Select Two Colors of Felt

The first color will be for the chick's body and the second color is for the beak. You can stick with traditional yellow and orange but additionally, have fun with this and let your imagination run wild! You can make an entire flock of rainbow chicks with this pattern! OR try to recreate the breeds that you have in your flock.

2. Print the Pattern

Print off the pattern (shown below) and cut out the pieces from the paper. You can play with your printer settings to determine what size you want your chick to can make egg-sized chicks or much larger baseball-sized chicks. While you can use normal printing paper, using a heavier cardstock type of paper will make transferring the pattern easier, especially if you plan to make more than one. And let's face can't have just one lonely chick!

DIY pattern pieces for felt chick craft that you can print.
Pattern Pieces for DIY Easter Craft
3. Place the Pattern Pieces and Cut the Felt Body Pieces

Place your pattern pieces on the felt and trace around them with the fabric marker. Cut out 2 body pieces, 1 belly piece, 2 wings, and 1 beak. Also, make sure to cut just inside the fabric marker lines so that they do not show in your finished chick.

DIY chick craft pattern pieces cut out from felt and ready for assembly
Felt pieces cut out and ready to assemble.
4. Start Sewing!

Now place the body pieces on top of each other and sandwich the beak between them in the appropriate location. You will then begin sewing at the top of the beak, down toward the belly using a blanket stitch. You will stop at about 1/2 inch below the beak to add the belly piece. To add the belly piece you'll need to line it up by separating the two body pieces. Continue sewing around the entire belly piece (both sides.) Finish sewing the body pieces together from the top of the beak up over the head to the tail.

DIY chick craft partially assembled with 2 sides, beak and belly pieces sewn together, ready to be stuffed.
Sew on the beak and belly...ready for stuffing!
5. Stuff the Felt Chick

Next, you are ready for the stuffing! Add small pieces of polyfill batting until your chick is nice and plump, being sure to push the stuffing all the way into the front of the chick. You will need to manipulate it to ensure the chick is filled out evenly. Once you've stuffed the chick, you can close the remaining part of the body pieces. Next, your chick needs a set of wings! Tack these on with a few simple stitches as shown below on the front of the wing. Repeat for the opposite side.

Felt wing pieces are sewn onto the DIY chick craft body at the appropriate wing positions.
Tack on the wings
6. Adding the Eyes

Adding an eye can be done in a few different ways. You can simply use a Sharpie or other marker, sew several stitches to create the eye, or glue on a small googly eye or contrasting felt piece.

7. Making the Chicken Legs

Let's make this chick some legs! The length of wire needed will vary depending on the size of your chick. The chick shown in these photos used approximately 10 inches per leg. Start making the foot by manipulating the wire into 4 toes as shown below. Shape the back toe first, then the front 3, and then wrap the wire under the middle to ensure it bends straight up to form the leg. Next estimate the length of wire you used for the first foot and leg and cut from the roll. (both legs will be one continuous piece of wire) Now push the cut end of the wire through the lower body of the chick. The wire should also pop through on the opposite side as evenly as you can, compared to the first side.

Black craft wire is bent into the shape of a chicken foot, with 4 toes and a leg.
Manipulate the wire into toes for the feet!
8. Attaching the Chicken Legs

After that, shape the second foot the same way that you did the first. Trim any excess wire to find the length you want the legs to be. If you underestimated the amount of wire, well, now you have a bantam chick decoration! Adjust and center the wire legs so that your chick will stand. Have fun with different poses!

Time to Decorate using your DIY Felt Chick Easter Craft!

VOILA! You're done! Now you can repeat the process to create an entire flock of these chicks! You can bend the legs in various positions to bring your new chicks to life. Use as fun easter décor, table decorations, or give as a gift to your favorite fellow Chicken-ista!

A DIY felt chicken with wire feet stands on a table in front of a woven basket filled with colorful eggs and fresh flowers.

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