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Baby Chicks: Bantam Assortment

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Bantams are special little birds, 1/2 to 1/4 the size of "standard" chickens. They come in myriad colors, feather patterns and personalities. Purchase 5 or more and you're guaranteed a mix of at least 3 different varieties! The breeds that could be in your order will be any of our bantam varieties, including:
  • Silkies (White, Blue, Black, Buff)
  • Easter Egger
  • Mille Fleur d'Uccle
  • Porcelain d'Uccle
  • Barred Plymouth Rock
  • Black Frizzle Cochin
  • Mottled Cochin
  • White Crested Black Polish
  • Buff Brahma
  • Welsummer
The breeds chosen to fulfill your order are selected by the hatchery based on which breeds had a particularly good hatch the week your shipment is scheduled. We can't take requests, as we are at the mercy of Mother Nature's whims. If you really want that particular breed, you'll either need to wait for its availability to pop up or consider hatching at home. Also, remember that breeds in assortments may or may not be tagged, specific breeds may or may not be noted on the packing list, and we cannot help identify unlabeled assortment chicks.

Before you make your decision to purchase a hatchery choice assortment, you may want to read some frequently asked questions about the assortments:

Baby Chicks: Behind the Scenes


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