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  • Abundance
  • Egg Quantity
    Good (3/wk)
  • Size
    Large Fowl
  • Egg Color
  • Heat Tolerance
    Tolerates Heat Well
  • Cold Tolerance
    Hardy in Winter
  • Personality

Baby Chicks: Black Ameraucana

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The Black Ameraucana is a vision of regal beauty! Its lustrous, jet-black feathers shimmer with an iridescent sheen, making it stand out in any flock. The glossy black plumage is complemented by its bright red combs and small wattles, creating a stunning and dramatic contrast that will leave a lasting impression. Their fluffy muffs and beards also add to their stunning look! 

My Pet Chicken is offering true Black Ameraucana baby chicks for sale. These are not Easter Eggers nor are the Araucanas that some other hatcheries sell (which are really Easter Eggers too.)

Ameraucanas have a sweet temperament and lay pretty, light blue to greenish blue eggs. Quantities are very limited, so reserve your order quickly!

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Shipping Information:

  • Due to Rhode Island state law, the minimum order of day-old chicks shipped to Rhode Island is 12.

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