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  • Abundance
  • Egg Quantity
    Good (3/wk)
  • Size
    Large Fowl
  • Egg Color
  • Heat Tolerance
    Not Especially Heat Hardy
  • Cold Tolerance
    Hardy in Winter
  • Personality

Baby Chicks: Chocolate Orpington

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Everyone needs a little more chocolate in their life! Orpingtons are the only way to go for many small farms and homesteaders. These beautiful, rare Orpingtons will grow into large birds that are gentle and friendly, so we recommend them as one of the best breeds for beginners.

They are steady layers that produce light or medium brown eggs. Orpington chickens are cold-hardy due to their fluffy plumage. They make wonderful mothers and often do go broody.

Currently, we are only offering sexed female chicks for sale. Male and straight-run chicks are not available.

What to know about Marek's disease vaccine

We offer the Marek's Disease vaccine on the checkout page.  

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Shipping Information:

  • Due to Rhode Island state law, the minimum order of day-old chicks shipped to Rhode Island is 12.

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