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Bella Coop w/ Run Building Plans (6 chickens)

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These new plans are super-popular! The "Bella" offers 16 square feet of floor space, to accommodate 4-6 hens. What sets these coop plans apart:

* A removable roosting box that catches chicken poop & makes clean-up easy!
* Four nest boxes. 
* The entire back door swings open for EASY CLEANING.
* Coop sits 2' off the ground to ease cleaning & egg gathering.
* Flock can take cover under the coop in the rain or intense heat.
* Includes plan for attached run, too!
* Plans are delivered as a 35-page, full color PDF
* Measurements, materials, tools — everything's spelled out with clear writing and dozens of diagrams and photos.

If built as specified, should be completely safe from predators and free of drafts, yet well-ventilated. Install a sliding window with a predator-proof screen for additional ventilation. See below for more product information.


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