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Chick First Aid Kit

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Our team of eggs-perts here at My Pet Chicken combined our years of chicken-keeping experience to come up with these essential items that every new chick owner should have on hand. Clean, treat, and dress wounds to ensure that your baby bird bounces back from its injury! This kit is appropriate for most types of fowl and poultry, including chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, quail, pheasant, and more. (The leg splint and splay leg bands may not fit turkey poults or waterfowl.)

This Chick First Aid includes:
plastic case (1), cohesive bandage roll (1), splay leg bands (2), feeding syringe for hand-feeding and watering (1), vitamins & electrolytes for poultry (1 packet), probiotics for poultry, (1 packet), vinyl gloves (1 pair), tweezers (1), gauze pad (1 pack with 2 gauze pads), scissors (1), saline wipes (2), Gro-Gel (1), leg splint (1), instruction card (1.) We highly recommend purchasing Amprol 128 Powder along with it to help treat cocciciosis (just add it using the dropdown menu before you add to cart.) We excluded this product from the kit since many customers may already have it. See below for full product details.

Designed & made in the USA.

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