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  • Material
    Solid steel weld mesh with durable PPA coating
  • Capacity
    2-6 Chickens

Nestera Chicken Coop Runs

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Give your chicken flock a safe outdoor space to move around freely with our choice of chicken runs. Designed to fit snugly and securely to your Large Raised Chicken Coop by Nestera, (sold separately), our 6.5 ft run includes the area under the coop. 

Add a 3.5ft run extension to increase your chickens' outdoor space to 10 feet, or keep adding additional 3.5 ft Run Extensions to give your flock the ultimate backyard setup! 

Keep your Chicken Flock Secure and Safe 

This Run offers your flock a safe space from predators. It's manufactured with "anti-chew" solid steel weld mesh with durable PPA coating. You will also receive a wide mesh skirt to fit around the entire perimeter, protecting your flock from digging predators. Each Run is painted dark green to blend into a natural setting.  

Easy access for you and your flock 

Your chickens can come and go as they please, with up to three separate openings provided on each run. A large lockable door is built into the steel mesh on the end panel, with hatches to the left and right under the rear of the raised coops, which can be securely locked with their solid recycled plastic handle. These rear hatches are ideal for accessing the secure area under the coop to leave food and water. 

Dimensions for 6.5 ft run:

Please Note: The 6.5 ft Run includes the space under the Raised Coop. 

Wire Run Height: 37.6" 
Wire Run Width: 37.4" 
Wire Run Length: 45.3" 

Mesh size: 0.99"x1.37"

Door Panel dimensions: Height: 18.8", Width: 15.7"

Dimensions for 3.5 ft run:

Wire Run Height: 37.6" 
Wire Run Width: 37.4" 
Wire Run Length: 45.3" 

Mesh size: 0.99"x1.37"

Can I move my coop with the run attached? 

Yes, you can! Using the coop with the Wheel set, moving your coop and run is a quick and easy job for one or two people. Engage the wheel set into the appropriate slots and move the coop by lifting the run’s end panel before pushing/pulling it into its new position. 

Shipping Information:  

Ships Free!  We will send your tracking number by email as soon as it's available, or you can look for it in our website's Track My Order area.

We cannot ship this product to Hawaii or Alaska.

Product Returns

Returns are 100% covered within 30 days of receipt for an unassembled run, and a free return label will be provided.  Just contact us, and we'll provide return instructions.

This coop has been designed and manufactured in the U.K.

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