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Chicken Guard Automatic Chicken Coop Door

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Want those few extra minutes in bed? This durable automatic chicken door from the U.K. is just the ticket. Predators won't be able to lift the door once it's shut. The ChickenGuard Premium Automatic Chicken Door includes both the programmable door opener and the self-locking door unit

Automatic door open/close options

This automatic door provides two options for setting open and close times: an easy-to-use programmable timer, and an built-in light (LUX) sensor. You can choose between the manual programming option, or using the light sensor to trigger your door open/close times. You can even designate how sensitive you want your light sensor to be. The integrated LCD screen has a simple user interface and large buttons to ensure ease of use, even with gloves on. And there's a complete, step-by-step video with setup instructions (see below).

Why ChickenGuard?

This door opener is very simple to install and operate, even by the technologically challenged! It also is the lightest model that we carry with all the features of our heavier models. The ChickenGuard door openers can be installed on smaller and more lightweight coops or chicken runs.

Premium vs Extreme

This door opener is simple to install and operate and is perfect for smaller and lightweight coops or runs. If you've got a starter chicken coop model, this is the door for you! Don't worry, though: though this is the lightest model we carry, it has all the features of our heavier model, the Extreme Automatic Door. The only difference is the Extreme door motor can lift up to 8lbs, making it ideal for larger, heavier doors and commercial coops and for extreme climates where ice build-up may be an issue. (The Premium door can lift up to 2.2lbs.)

Power with batteries or plug it in

Four AA batteries, included with your purchase, will keep your door in operation for up to six months! A low battery warning will give you plenty of notice when you need to change them out. If you'd rather not hassle with batteries, there's a USB port so you can supply electricity. (Cables not included.)

How does it work?

Simply fix the unit to the outside of your chicken coop with the fittings provided, connect the cord to the coop door that's enclosed, set the timer, and you're done!

Other automatic door features

  • Self-locking door cannot be opened by predators once closed.
  • Manual open/close option with the touch of a button
  • Door is made from aluminum, with 100% recycled plastic "runners."
  • Indicator light visible on control panel from 100 yards away to show your door has been successfully closed.
  • Never worry with "fail-safe" mode! If you choose the light sensor to automatically open and close your door at dawn and dusk, fail-safe mode allows you to designate a time that the door must be closed by at night.
  • Electronics are enclosed in a weatherproof housing. This unit works at -10 degrees C/14 degrees F.
  • No-quibble 3 year guarantee – but your automatic door should last a lot longer than that!
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