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Coop Cleaning Supply Kit

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We've put together the ultimate Coop Cleaning Supply Kit just for you! This bundle has everything you need to refresh your coop and keep your flock healthy and happy. 

This Coop Cleaning Supply Kit includes

Healthy Pen Parasite & Oder Control: Healthy Pen protects against parasites and flies while also eliminating stinky barn odors. Natural enzymes and oils in this product attack parasites at all stages of life and repel flies, mosquitoes, and other bugs. 

Dookashi Deodorizer & Compost Accelerator: Ammonia buildup is the number one reason chickens get ill. They have an especially delicate respiratory system, so nothing will compromise their health like poop stench. The 100% organic, beneficial bacteria (probiotics) in Dookashi do battle with germs at the microbial level, reducing dangerous pathogens and neutralizing odors. 

Happy Hen Nesting Box Herbs: Happy Hen Nesting Herbs are a colorful bouquet of carefully selected herbs to sprinkle in chicken coops and nesting boxes. The pleasant aromas and essential oils from these botanicals negate stinky odors and create a fresh-smelling, calm, and restful place for your hens to lay their eggs.