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Organic Pelletized Deodorizer & Compost Accelerator, (2 sizes)

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Dookashi solves two problems at once: stinky ammonia buildup + piles of shavings that can seem to take forever to fully compost.

Sink Stink
Ammonia buildup is the number one reason chickens get ill. They have an especially delicate respiratory system, so nothing will compromise their health like poo stench. The 100% organic, beneficial bacteria (probiotics) in Dookashi do battle with germs at the microbial level, reducing dangerous pathogens and neutralizing odors.

Shave Shavings & Kickstart Compost
Why do we need to change out shavings in our coops? Because they stink, of course. Since your shavings will be oh-so-sweet with Dookashi, you'll of course be changing them less frequently, saving not only your aching back, also unsightly piles of discarded shavings.

But best of all, the same beneficial bacteria that eat the ammonia also supercharge the composting process, so when you do inevitably have to do a bedding change, the old stuff will decompose into rich "black gold" compost much more quickly. (We're working on a time-lapse video to show you just how quickly!)

Packaged in a resealable bag. Store sealed, in a dry area, and use within one year.

For best results, start with a clean coop. Sprinkle a visible and thorough amount in coop and cover with desired bedding. In the nesting boxes, sprinkle it between layers of shavings or straw. Turn your bedding with a garden rake frequently, and reapply when your nose tells you it's time!

Select Wheat Bran
OMRI Listed Probiotics
Blackstrap Molasses
Purified Water