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Ducklings: Magpie

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Discover the charm of the Magpie Duck, a beloved breed renowned for its striking appearance, friendly personality, and remarkable versatility. Whether you're a seasoned poultry enthusiast or a beginner duck owner, the Magpie Duck will capture your heart and enhance your outdoor space. 

Characteristics of Magpie Ducks

  • Friendly and Calm: Known for their amiable nature, Magpie Ducks are a joy interacting with. They tend to be gentle and sociable. Therefore making them a fantastic choice for families with children or those seeking feathered companionship.
  • Egg-cellent Layers: Beyond their ornamental appeal, Magpie Ducks are reliable egg layers. These ducks typically produce 200-290 large white eggs annually with a delightful flavor perfect for baking or breakfast. You'll enjoy a steady supply of fresh, farm-to-table eggs.
  • Distinctive Beauty: The Magpie Duck is renowned for its distinctive black and white plumage, which resembles the markings of the magpie bird. Its elegant coloring makes it a true standout in any flock. It's slender, upright posture adds an air of grace to your garden.
  • Eco-Friendly Garden Helper: Magpie Ducks are not only delightful to look at but also excellent foragers. They will happily wander your garden, eating insects, snails, and weeds. Their foraging behavior can help keep your garden pest-free and reduce the need for harmful chemicals.
  • Highly Adaptable: Whether you have a spacious rural homestead or a cozy suburban backyard, Magpie Ducks are adaptable to various environments. They are equally content wading in a pond, exploring your garden, or enjoying the company of their flockmates.

    Choose the Magpie Duck to bring a touch of elegance, utility, and companionship to your life. Whether you're a homesteader, a gardener, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of nature, these stunning ducks are sure to make a lasting impression. 

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    • Although your waterfowl order will need to be picked up from your local post office, please provide us with your physical address when placing your order. We cannot accept P.O. Box numbers for orders.
    • Due to Rhode Island state law, the minimum order of day-old ducklings shipped to Rhode Island is 12. 
    • Waterfowl are hatched and shipped on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays of the shipment week that you choose at checkout.

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