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EcoPet Ammonia Eater & Compost Accelerator, 16 oz spray bottle

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Give this formula a whirl and find out how this custom probiotic blend will extend the life of your bedding, reduce odors, accelerate composting and keep your chickens healthier!

EcoPet Cleaner is a safe, all-natural, "cleaner" made with hundreds of strains of organic probiotics–the same OMRI probiotics you'll find in Dookashi. It controls ammonia, which is responsible for nasty odors and respiratory ailments in poultry, and at the same time helps your bedding compost down more quickly so you can use it in your garden.

Freshen Poopy Bedding: Spray until moist on bedding for reduction in odor, to extend the life of the bedding, and to aid the composting process.

Cleaning Coops, Cages and Brooders: Remove soiled bedding and spray anywhere that needs cleaned. Let sit, wipe and remove. Especially great at neutralizing grimy buildup.
It works for cats and dogs, too! In litter boxes, start with an empty box and spray onto all surfaces until moist. In your dog kennel or crate, use as spray or add to mop bucket to clean away dirt and odors

Safe to use on metal, plastic, concrete, carpet and other water safe surfaces.  It's tough on cleanup of urine, feces, vomit, drool and more.  Think of it as a natural cleaner for all things pet!

Why it's different
·  No preservatives, phosphorous, detergents or surfactants
  ·  Non-corrosive, non-toxic
  ·  Gets rid of grime and odors easily and effectively
  ·  No overpowering scents that mask odors
  ·  Safe for pets, humans and the planet

Probiotic Power
Without getting lost in scientific terms, EcoPet Natural Cleaner is principally made up of live probiotics with a proprietary blending of hundreds of microbes (both good and bad).  Each microbe has dozens of different enzymes.  Because the probiotic is alive, it has the benefit of adapting to multiple odor and cleaning purposes.  Microbes live 3 - 5 days on a surface so they continuously clean and eliminate odor, even after the initial application.


Purified water, *apple cider vinegar, *yucca extract, OMRI listed probiotic, *mint oil. *Certified Organic.

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