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Egg Laying Supply Kit

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The Egg Laying Supply Kit includes:

This Egg Laying Supply Kit includes the basic supplies that you will need to support your flock laying healthy eggs!

All Natural Egg Wipes: These wipes are gentle cleansers made to remove bacteria and soil from the egg after laying. The canister contains 40 wipes and will clean up to 40 dozen eggs (depending upon the amount of soil on each.) Simply wipe each egg until all the soil is removed. Dry with a clean towel and refrigerate. 

Omega Ultra Egg Fatty Acid Supplement: Improve the egg quality and health of your flock with his healthy supplement. OmegaUltra Egg adds Omega-3 Fatty Acids to your flock's diet and supports strong shells and brilliant plumage and the overall health of your birds. 

Turf Nest Box Liners: These turf nest box liners are extra thick and easy to clean. Just hose them down if they become soiled or dirty. Place one nest box pad in each nesting box. 

Happy Hen Nesting Box Herbs: Happy Hen Nesting Herbs are a colorful bouquet of carefully selected herbs to sprinkle in chicken coops and nesting boxes. The pleasant aromas and essential oils from these botanicals negate stinky odors and create a fresh-smelling, calm, and restful place for your hens to lay their eggs. 


Due to health and safety concerns, food and vitamin products cannot be returned.

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