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  • Capacity
    Up to 6 Chickens

Family Chicken Coop Plans (up to 6 chickens)

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  • Paint or stain to finish to your liking!
  • Designed to minimize clean-up.
  • Keeps cost low through efficient use of materials.
  • It comes apart in stackable panels for easy transport and reassembly.
  • External nest box access makes it easy to remove eggs.
  • Large front door and removable roosts for easy cleaning.
  • It provides a balance between good ventilation and draft control.

Don't want to spend big bucks on a chicken coop?  Build your own! These complete building plans will help you build the coop pictured here, which houses up to six large fowl chickens or ten bantams.

Cuts and assembly are straightforward and require only basic tools and standard materials. Plans are in feet and inches. Clear instructions include helpful diagrams and photos. 

Made and set up as instructed, this coop is tight against rodents and predators with the exception of bears. (If you are in bear country, or if your temperatures dip much below -17 degrees Celsius/0 degrees Fahrenheit, the designer recommends the plans for her bear-resistant, insulated Ready Coop. If you don't need a coop this large, try her popular, smaller Urban Chicken Coop building plans!)

Not sure yet? Here's a video tour!


Family Chicken Coop Plan Dimensions:

  • 4' 10" high x 4' deep x 8' wide, including the run (excluding the nest box)
  • Each removable roost is 44" long.
  • Interior coop footprint: 12 square feet.
  • Covered outdoor run: 32 square feet 

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