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Farmight Chick Feeder Dual-Port, 5 LB

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Feed your chickens—not the ground! This 10" high, mess-free feeder is practically revolutionary for those of us who have been feeding our flocks the old-fashioned way.

No-Waste! This innovative chick feeder solves all the problems of standard feeders. For starters, birds can't spill their feed—the port design ensures it. Birds have to stick their heads in to eat. Lack of spillage keeps the mess to a minimum and will save you big bucks in the long run. (They are also unable to poop in the feed, which leads to healthier chicks... another type of saver!)

Adaptable! This feeder is designed to scale from chicks all the way up to 12 weeks old if you have full-sized chickens and for bantams, they can use it from 1 week to full-grown. 


  • Two small "ports" designed for flocks of up to twelve chicks.
  • Chicks must be 1 week old to use the feeder. (Little babies are small enough to climb into the feeder!)
  • Holds 5 lbs of pellets, crumbles, or grain
  • Designed to be placed in a corner or in the center of your brooder/coop
  • Fully assembled. Just fill and feed!
  • Instructions included
  • Shop the matching Farmight Chick/Small Flock Waterer 

For chicks aged 1 week to 4 weeks: Give babies and small birds access to the smaller port but block off the two larger ports on the opposite side of the feeder. Chicks can and will get themselves caught inside the larger port, so make sure the chicks can't access it. 
For birds aged 5 to 12 weeks: Reposition your feeder so they can access both the smaller and larger. They're now large enough (unless you've got Serama or Quail—use your judgment!) not to get caught in the smaller port and big enough that they'll probably appreciate having access to feed in more than one place.

5.5 x 5.5 x 10 inches
12.5 inches to the top of the cone