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Farmight One Liter (32 oz.) Nipple Waterer for Baby Chicks

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Keep your chick's water clean and the brooder mess free with this Farmight 1-Liter Nipple Waterer for Baby chicks and waterfowl.
Chickens are curious and playful, and as seasoned chicken keepers know, this can lead to a lot of yuck! They mess around in water dishes and often dump the contents; they poop in their water; they kick pine shavings in... yuck! But if you introduce this unique waterer, you can avoid all of these inconveniences and, more importantly, prevent chicks from drowning as well. 
FREE Shipping + Includes a 1-liter (32 oz.) plastic chick waterer, one flip-top lid, one wire holder, one waterer nipple, one rubber washer, and instructions. 

How to train your clock to use this waterer:

Show your flock the waterer by tapping on the silver water nipple. Make sure they see you doing it! They're curious, so they'll get the idea quickly. If you're training an older bird, remove other water sources, so she's motivated to learn!


Ways to use the waterer:

  • Hang it on the side of a wire cage with the included wire holder
  • Mount it on the side of a wooden coop with the included plastic holder
  • Set it on top of a chick brooder heating plate (sold separately), or
  • Elevate it on the ground inside your coop or brooder


4x4x8 inches

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