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  • Capacity
    8 cups

Feed Scoop, Tuff Stuff, 8 cups

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Stop using your kitchen cups and takeout containers as feed scoops. Try out this heavy duty ergonomic feed scoop from Tuff Stuff brands instead. It holds 8 cups, so it's just the right size... at least we think it is!

  • Heat and cold resistant: it won't break or melt in extreme temps.
  • Chemically neutral: it won't break down if used with fertilizers, oil solvents, etc.
  • UV resistant: withstands years of outdoor exposure.
  • Smooth edges: this is the no-boo-boo scoop! Some scoops have harsh seams.
  • Paintable: You can even customize your scoop with a unique paint job!
  • 1 year Warranty: Guaranteed free of manufacturing defect for 1 year after purchase.
Dimensions:  5" x 5" x 7"