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Hatching-Eggs: Black Copper Marans

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Need a few more chocolate eggs in your basket? This hardy variety of Black Copper Marans, with Copper plumage, lay deep, dark chocolate brown eggs--as dark as we've seen! Beautiful, friendly, hardy, and practical, the Black Copper Marans are a stunning addition to any flock.

As if you needed more reason to select this breed, this particular flock has been sourced from a quality show breeder, so you may find yourself with some beautiful, show-quality birds!

The very darkest eggs you receive from your lovely Black Copper Marans hen will be her first egg, and the eggs will lighten ever so slightly with each egg, up until her annual molt. After that, you will once again see her darkest egg.

Like a good mystery?
If you're up to some Super Sleuthing, order some "Mystery Eggs" and see if you can guess what birds you've received! The color of the hatching egg may provide a clue but you'll need to wait until the chick hatches to see if you're even half right -- the possibilities are almost endless. At $13.95 for (3) Mystery Eggs, it is a great deal, too. So order some Mystery Eggs...make some observations...consider the possibilities...and see if you can crack the code. These Mystery Eggs may hatch large fowl, bantams, known breeds and unknown breeds.

Free Eggs
We like making our customers happy. You'll likely receive free egg(s) with your purchase!


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