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Horizontal Freeze-Free Watering Nipples (buy more, save more)

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Low price alert! Watering nipples are one of the best upgrades to a traditional chicken waterer. They're mess-free, so you'll spend far less time cleaning and scrubbing out poopy, dirty waterers, and more time enjoying your flock. Screw these nipples into the container of your choice (instructions below), like 5-gallon plastic buckets or a PVC pipe. But there are other nipples on the market. Here's why ours are worth the investment.

What sets these apart from vertical nipples: they don't drip(!), and, because no water is stored in the nipple unit even when your bucket or drinker is full of water, they won't freeze during the winter provided you're heating your water supply.

What sets these apart from other horizontal nipples you'll find elsewhere: ours are super heavy duty! They were originally created for weasel farms to withstand gnarly teeth and rascally personalities. The plastic is high density, and the nipple won't break. Our supplier has had these in use in her own flock for six years, and they've never failed.

Please keep in mind that as a result of this product's extra strength, it's not suitable for chicks their first week of life. They're not strong enough to depress the nipple.

A benefit of using nipple drinkers vs. traditional tray-based watering systems is that you also have the option to place your chosen waterer on the ground, rather than hang it--a big bonus for many of you who have coops or runs that can't accommodate the weight of hanging systems.

To train your chickens on this type of nipple, we suggest tapping on each nipple so that water fills the reservoir. Chickens will note the water and get the idea, pecking at the stainless steel pin which will release more water.  It may take a day or so of several attempts for them to fully understand. (It may also help to put sweet jam or jelly onto the nipples, to encourage pecking!) It is very important to take all other water sources out during this time. 

Installation instructions: Use an 11/32" drill bit to drill holes in your preferred bucket, a minimum of six inches apart from one another. Alternately, you might choose the all-in-one drinker units. They use these same nipples, and they're designed to accept our de-icer to keep your water from freezing, even in the coldest temps!

Use DIY Tee's to make your own watering system!

Note: The manufacturer  recommends screwing the nipples in only 80% of the way. The flange does not need to be secured flush with the bucket.