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    250 Watts

Infrared Heat Lamp Bulb, Red

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250-watt infrared heat bulbs provide heat to your growing baby chicks. The red color of this bulb helps deter chicks from picking at one another and also makes it easier for them to sleep.

But we really don't want you to buy this. Really. While these are the most popular heating device for baby chicks, we can not recommend them for chicks or coops. Here's why:

  • Surface temps exceed 400 degrees.
  • People and children have burned themselves
  • Fires can (and do) happen. Heat lamps carry a risk of fire because coops and brooders are dusty places, and the bedding is flammable. Read about our own staffer's heat lamp-caused fire (and he wasn't the only staffer to have a fire!)
  • They are not energy efficient; heat bulbs cost $3-$5+ per week of continuous use more to run than the alternatives. 
  • Light-free heat sources allow chicks to sleep at night
  • Update 4/9/20: Just received this message for one of our customer service reps "I am very sad I had to take a call from a customer who lost her chicks last night due to a brooder fire. We know it's possible with those heat lamps, but it's still really sad. They had been waiting for their babies since Dec when they placed their order and they had all arrived safe otherwise."
So, what are those alternatives? These are all safer heaters. They use far less electricity and pose a far lower risk of catching fire, reaching no more than 185 degrees. (Many people claim there is no fire risk at all with these heaters). They are costlier, but in the long run you will save due to your lowered electricity bill.

All that said, if you feel infrared bulbs are the best choice for you, make sure to secure them safely with a heat lamp with clamp, and please don't use them in your house.