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Peep Pouch - Cuddle Chicks Safely!

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We love our baby chicks, and we know you love yours just as much. These cheerful, handmade peep pouches are just the ticket for baby chicks for a number of reasons.

Every once in a while you have a lone chick that needs to be separated from the flock for some extra TLC. In fact, we've heard from many-a chicken keeper who've smuggled a chick to work in their shirt pocket before. (Shhhh! Unless you work for My Pet Chicken where this is encouraged, you probably shouldn't tell the boss!)

Think of the Peep Pouch as a swaddle for baby chicks. If you need to warm up a chick who's chilled, gently hold a weak baby you're offering a special feed, or secure and keep warm a baby you're caring for, the Peep Pouch is just the ticket. They're also a great way to let younger kids hold a baby for a few minutes, without having to worry the chick will be mishandled. They can also be used to as a cute prop for a photo shoot. Plus, they keep any droppings contained for easy clean up.

Pouches are one size fits "all". Standard sized chicks should be able to fit in it for about two weeks, and bantams perhaps a week longer. The closure can be secured loosely with the included ribbon, and there's lots of material to provide padding, but do use care when securing the chick.

* Your fabric color choice will come in different patterns, depending on local availability and time of year.  Colors and patterns may vary from those pictured.  The seamstresses are constantly changing out the fabrics they use.

A note about safety...
Chicks should not be confined for long periods of time in the pouch nor should food and water be with held for long periods of time.  The pouches have been designed for help with care and as a novelty item to let very young children safely (and photogenically) hold a chick for a short period of time with appropriate supervision.

About the Seamstresses
Handmade by the talented women of the Dominican Republic's Sewing My Future Cooperative, these fabric pouches will protect your chicks when being held while providing a meaningful livelihood to the proud women who craft them.

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