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Pullets: 100% Frizzle Easter Egger

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Want a jumpstart on fresh eggs? This is the ticket! Our six-week-old chickens are ready to live outdoors, requiring no heat or special care. They're vaccinated against Marek's disease and MG, floor-raised, socialized with humans, and best of all, their beaks are intact. Minimum order is just two!

About Frizzle Easter Eggers - 95% Green or Blue Eggs, 100% Frizzled, 100% Awesome! These aren't just any Easter Eggers: they're frizzled! Normally we estimate that 50% of hatchlings will be frizzled. (Long story, but you can't breed a frizzled bird to a frizzled bird, or you end up with big problems, so we breed frizzled roosters to smooth-feathered hens, which produces a 50% rate of frizzling in offspring.) ...BUT by 6-weeks-old, we can determine if they have frizzle and smooth feathers. We have separated these chicks so we can offer you a 100% Frizzled Easter Egger!

If you don't love Frizzles, we're pretty sure there's double the chance you've got major problems. Or something. I mean, come on! Just look at those feathers, all looking like a curling iron has primped them, or like an inside-out umbrella, or like the first perm you ever got (and cried about)...

Alright, you're perfectly fine by us if you don't like Frizzles, but let us try to sell you on them a bit more.

These Frizzle Easter Eggers are hardy in the heat and cold, good foragers, and great producers at 4-5 blue or green* eggs a week. Some will have beards and muffs, some crested, some feather-footed. Who wouldn't want to add a few of these lovelies to their flock?

*Please note that while Easter Eggers chiefly lay blue or green eggs, a small percentage will lay another egg color, including tinted, brown, or even pinkish. Each hen will give ONE egg color. The egg color will not change from one egg being laid to another. (For example, if your hen has just laid a green egg, it will lay a green egg its entire life.)

What to know about shipping: All 6-week-old chickens are shipped USPS Express Mail. We are unable to ship to Minnesota, Hawaii, and US Territories due to importing regulations in those states. Minimum order is just two.

Please keep your 6-week-olds quarantined from your existing flock for four or more weeks, and take care when introducing them.


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