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Pullets: Buff Brahma (Large Fowl), Shipping week of 3/27/2023

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Buff Brahmas are gentle sweeties with feathered legs, feet, and profuse, fluffy feathering. Large fowl Brahmas are very large chickens but tend to be calm, friendly birds that make great pets. This is the "buff" colored variety. They are tolerant of both heat and cold and lay a fair number of eggs depending on their age (3 or so a week). They do occasionally go broody.
Be forewarned: their large size can lead to broken eggs, so be sure to pad the nests generously and gather frequently! The other side of that coin is that, due to their size, they're also considered an excellent dual-purpose breed! 

Benefits of Purchasing Pullets

  • Started pullets are an excellent option for people who don't have the time, equipment, or desire to care for chicks.
  • These juvenile chicks are sexed twice, once at hatch and again at six weeks old, which reduces your chance of ending up with roosters.
  • The minimum order is just 2 chicks!

Additional Pullet Information

  • These pullets will be vaccinated for Marek's disease and MG (Mycoplasma gallisepticum)
  • Our six-week started pullets are floor-raised and socialized with humans, and their beaks are intact--we never trim.
  • Please keep your 6-week-olds quarantined from your existing flock for four or more weeks, and take care when introducing them.

Pullet Shipping Information

  • All Started Juveniles are shipped USPS Express Mail.
  • Due to import regulations, we cannot ship to Hawaii, and Minnesota.
  • Pullets will ship on Tuesday or Wednesday of the designated shipping week. You will receive an email with tracking information once they leave the farm.

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