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Round Hanging Chicken Waterer

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This new waterer is just what we've been looking for! It services small coops beautifully and goes perfectly with the Hanging Corner Poultry Feeder. It has hooks for hanging on a wire run, spaced perfectly for 1/2" hardware cloth, 1" hardware cloth, or chicken wire. Its capacity is small--only 16oz, about as much as a tall glass of water--but sometimes small is just the ticket. We love the fact that you can elevate this waterer (so it won't get wood chips or other debris in it), and the fact that it doesn't take up any space on the ground, which is often at a premium in the smaller coops. 

  • Built-in hooks for easy hanging off the ground
  • Gravity-feed design for easy filling and cleaning
  • Sturdy galvanized steel with rolled edges for safety
  • 5.75" long x 4.25" wide x 5.75 high

Clean with mild soap and water.

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