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Ultimate Chicken Coop w/feeder and waterer (up to 6 chickens)

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Ships free! This Ultimate Chicken Coop is a durable plastic chicken coop made in the USA! It's lightweight, portable, easy to clean, and available in green or beige.  

These plastic chicken coop kits give your chickens a safe, warm, well-ventilated, and bacteria-resistant home that will last for years with minimal maintenance. 

The Ultimate Chicken Coop Features:

  • Bird Capacity: 6 Standard; 8-10 Bantams.
  • Two Nest Boxes - removable if needed.
  • One Feeder (holds 30 pounds) & One Waterer (holds 192 oz/24 cups of water.)
  • Total Roosting Space: 64" (two 32" roosts). The roosting bars can be placed in multiple locations and are situated so that the chickens don't poop in their feed and water. 
  • Flip-top clamshell design that opens fully for access.
  • Two removable floor trays for easy cleaning. 

Easy to Clean!

Plastic and fiberglass coops are unquestionably the easiest to clean, and this model is no exception. Just lift the top half of the coop, remove all of the interior parts, add a little soap, and hose it all down! You can use a soft brush or sponge if necessary. The coop's nonporous plastic construction makes it bacteria-resistant, too.

Made from Plastic & Maintenance-Free 

The Ultimate Chicken Coop is manufactured from ultra-high-grade polyethylene plastic using a process called twin-sheet thermoforming. This results in a molecular bond within the plastic, leading to unmatched durability and strength. This is important because The Ultimate Plastic Chicken Coop will not break down or splinter like wood or fiberglass.  

5-Year Warranty 

The manufacturer offers the following warranty against manufacturer defects within the first five years of ownership.

Designed for up to 6 chickens

With plenty of roosting and nesting space, you can easily house up to six standard-size chickens or eight to ten bantams. Like every coop we sell at My Pet Chicken, this chicken coop is NOT intended for full-time confinement. The optional run is convenient when you can't let your flock roam freely, but make sure your flock has several hours per day free-ranging or in a larger run.

Fully Adjustable Ventilation for Any Climate

The Ultimate Chicken Coop's ventilation is one of its best features. The side vent slots are fully adjustable, while the ridge vent on top provides constant ventilation. This way, you can easily achieve the ever-elusive ventilated but not drafty status in freezing temperatures or inclement weather.

Meanwhile, in extreme heat, the Ultimate Coop does equally well: adjust the side vents, so they're fully open and remove the litter trays to reveal the open mesh design of the coop floor for ventilation from above, below, and on the sides.

The twin sheets of thermoformed plastic hold a layer of cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter to keep your chickens comfortable.  

Protection Against Predators

The coop's heavy construction and heavy-duty steel latches will help keep your chickens safe from predators. Locking, predator-proof latches on all the lids and the chicken door.

We recommend adding 1/2" wire to the footprint of the optional run and stand to keep burrowing predators from getting inside the run area. Fold the wire up and over the sides to secure the run at the joint of the pieces. Just fold the wire up and over the sides of the steel stand and run, and secure it with zip ties. The wire stand and run are made of strong steel to support this extra safety measure.  

Coop Stand (optional)

Made from sturdy, welded steel, this optional stand keeps your chickens elevated off the ground. The Ultimate Chicken Coop fits easily into the stand and elevates the chicken coop, perfect for free-range raising. The stand can also be easily converted into a predator-proof run for contained raising.

The stand also includes a ramp.

Chicken Run (optional)

Convert your chicken coop stand to a tough, protective run with welded steel sides and a no-nonsense roof. It is designed for weather and predator-proof protection with plenty of ventilation to let your chickens breathe easy as they roam in a more spacious environment.

Add an Automatic Chicken Coop Door (optional)

The Chicken Guard Automatic Chicken Coop Door fits this coop perfectly! Download the instructions here

Assembly time and instructions: 

Assembly is easy. All you need is a standard 3/8 and 5/16 wrench or socket tool. Your coop comes with a beautiful, full-color assembly guide. For two adults, expect completion to take an hour or so—complete assembly instructions.


  • Henhouse dimensions: 45"L x 57"W x 35"H (57" with optional stand)
  • Henhouse door dimensions: 9.5"L x 11" H
  • Optional stand: 45"L x 57" W x 22"H
  • Optional run: 36.5"L x 57" W x 40"H
  • Coop weight: 110 lbs; Coop Stand weight: 25 lbs; Run weight: 75 lbs

     Shipping Information:

    • Ships Free (to the 48 contiguous states.) The Ultimate Coop and Stand are expected to ship within 2-3 business days after ordering. 
    • Coops are shipped on a pallet that measures 60"x45". Typically two people can lift it off of the delivery truck.
    • Please note: You will be responsible for helping the driver unload the boxes from the truck. Lift gate service is not included in the price.
    • If you require a lift gate, please note there is an additional fee you may select above.
    • Coops may be shipped to Hawaii and Alaska for an additional fee - just let us know if you're looking for a quote.  

    Damages & Returns:

    If your coop has been significantly damaged in shipment, please report the damages to us within 48 hours of arrival if possible. We ask that you send pictures of the damage so we can best determine the following steps to be taken. Please be aware that superficial scratches and dings may occur in the shipping process and that we will replace or refund you for any broken, missing, or damaged pieces.

    If you've changed your mind after your coop has shipped, you may return your new, unused, and unassembled coop with packaging intact in the original box within 30 days of receipt. You will receive a full refund, minus your cost to send it back to us, and a restocking fee of up to 20%. Just notify us, and we'll provide return instructions. Once we have received and approved your items for resale, we'll promptly issue a refund.

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