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  • Capacity
    Up to 4 Chickens

Urban Chicken Coop Plans (up to 4 chickens)

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Don't want to spend big bucks on a chicken coop?  Build your own!  These complete building plans will help you build the coop pictured here.  The plans for this small coop for up to 4 chickens are easy to follow and include diagrams and photos.

This coop can easily be moved by two strong people to fresh ground. The nest roof opens to collect eggs, and the removable 35" long roost eases the chore of cleaning. This coop can be made tight against rodents and digging predators like foxes by adding a hardware cloth apron around the bottom of the run.

Approximately 3.5' high by 38" deep x 64"long, including the run.

Materials Cost
Cost of materials will vary by location and materials used.

Downloading the Plan
On the order confirmation page on the final page of the online checkout process, you will see a link to download the plans. Don't worry if you miss it! We'll also email you a download link separately, valid for 7 days after purchase.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
If it turns out these plans aren't right for you, let us know within 30 days and we'll refund you in full.