Will all of my blue chicks actually be blue?

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The genes for "blue" feathers are actually more like diluting genes.

Depending on which chicken breed and color you order at My Pet Chicken, some will be guaranteed to be all Blue, Black, or Splash. At the same time, others will be hatched and sold as mixed flock colors including blue, black, and splash.

The blue, black, splash, feather color in chickens is determined by a diluting gene.

How do Chickens get Blue Feathers?

When a blue rooster and a blue hen reproduce, even though they're both blue, they only pass the blue gene to about half of their offspring. About 25% of their offspring will be black... and the last 25% or so will be splash.

  • Blue: The genes for "blue" are actually more like diluting genes. They are genes that dilute black feather color. One copy of the gene makes any black feathers "blue," which in chickens is more of a pretty bluish grey.
  • Splash: Two copies of the diluting gene result in "splash" plumage. In chickens, splash is a very light color, pale grey or white with "splashes" of black and darker grey in the feathers, especially in the wings and tail.
  • Black: When a chicken receives NO copies of the blue diluting gene, that means any black feathers remain black.

    How to get the Blue, Black, or Splash Chicken you want!

    If you are looking for chickens with a guaranteed blue, black or splash feather pattern, you may be interested in these birds:

    1. Blue Ameraucana, Black Ameracuana, Splash Ameraucana, or Splash Ameraucana Bantam
    2. Blue Sex-Link Easter Egger Bantam 
    3. Black Copper Marans, Blue Copper Marans, Blue Splash Marans
    4. Blue Silkie Bantam, Black Silkie Bantam, or Splash Silkie
    5. White Crested Blue Polish, White Crested Black Polish, or White Crested Splash Polish 

     If you are open to any of the blue, black, or splash feather patterns, you may be interested in these birds: 

    1. Blue/Black/Splash Andalusian
    2. Blue/Black/Splash Cochin
    3. Blue/Black/Splash Birchen Marans
    4. Blue/Black/Splash Orpington


    Because blue chicks you order can be blue, black, or splash, their down can also have subtly different colors at hatch. The chicks may appear mostly white or yellow, white/yellow with spots, blue/gray with white or yellow spots, black, blue/gray, or black with white/yellow spots.