Backyard Chicken Care Calendar - A Year-Round Checklist

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Chicken Care Calendar

Our easy-to-follow year-round backyard chicken care calendar checklist will help you with everything related to your backyard chicken flock. Raising backyard chickens is a wonderful hobby, and everyone here at My Pet Chicken is excited to share this journey with you! This comprehensive calendar should help you know what to expect.

Winter Chicken Care Checklist

Winter (December, January, February)

  1. Winter Care Tips: 8 things NOT to do in the winter.
  2. Check daily for frozen water - MPC Tip: Use a Perfect Bucket Heater De-icer.
  3. Use First Saturday Lime to keep ammonia odors under control. 
  4. Provide a dust bath area in the chicken run during winter if fresh dirt is no longer available.
  5. Offer Treats and Toys to your flock to help fight winter boredom.
  6. Offer Poultry Grit if you offer treats, and your flock cannot access fresh dirt. 
  7. Collect eggs frequently to avoid them freezing in cold winter temperatures.
  8. Order new spring Chicks and Waterfowl. Our Chicken Breed List provides important breed info to help you decide which breeds are suitable for your flock.
Chicken Care Checklist

Spring Chicken Care Calendar (March, April, May)

  1. Deep-clean your existing chicken coop and compost the chicken manure.
  2. Consider deworming your chickens by using these supplies and supplements.
  3. Check your chicken coop and run for any damage over winter and repair as needed. (One of the most important tasks on the Chicken Care Calendar!)
  4. Replace worn-out flock supplies.
  5. Review the Chicken Care Guide and Chick Supply Checklist for any new baby chicks' arrival.
  6. Order a new chicken coop in early spring for new flock members. 
  7. Move spring chicks outside to the coop. Read more info here if you are introducing new chickens into your old flock. 
Summer Chicken Care Checklist

Summer Chicken Care Calendar - (June, July, August)

  1. Keep your chicken flock cool with summer treats. Read more info here.
  2. Help keep your flock cool and hydrated with electrolytes.
  3. Keep your coop sweet-smelling in the heat of summer. Learn how.
  4. Learn about how much water your chickens need daily to keep them hydrated in the hot summer weather. We recommend using the Poultry Water Cup to let your flock dip their wattles in the water to cool down in summer.
  5. The ragged feathers of summer are here - Read 7 causes why.
  6. Spring chicks will need to transition to grower feed. Read more info here to see if your flock is ready.
Fall Chicken Care Checklist

Fall (September, October, November)

  1. When you see chicken feathers all over the coop and run, you will know that molting season has begun! Learn what molting is, and read about the Top 3 ways to help your molting flock.  Don't forget to shop for molting supplies to help your flock through the molting season.
  2. You've been waiting for this moment! Look out for signs that your spring chicks will begin laying eggs. Remember that it is normal for your hen's eggs to start small in size and not lay in the nesting box at first.
  3. It's time for your spring chicks to transition to layer feed. Read more info here to see if your flock is ready.
  4. Even though we don't want to think about it, winter is coming! Start preparing for winter now - Read Top 10 ways to prepare the flock for winter.
  5. Winterize your coop by making sure your coop is well-ventilated and draft free
  6. Make your baby chick wish list for 2024! (The most fun task on the Chicken Care Calendar!) My Pet Chicken usually releases next year's spring inventory in late November or early December. Get your wish list ready with your favorite must-have chicken breeds.

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