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Ducklings: Pekin

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Pekin ducks originated in China and are the most common domestic duck. Mature Pekins have pure white feathers, orange legs and bills, and blue eyes; as ducklings, they are fluffy and yellow and very cute. Pekin ducks are in the heavy class, weighing 9-12.25 lbs. They have a calm disposition and the female lays 150-200 extra-large eggs weighing 90-100 grams per year. Almost all the eggs will be white, with less than 2% tinted blue-green.

Our ducks will fully integrate with all the other breeds that we offer. If you want purebred ducklings hatching from your ducks, make sure you separate your ducks by breed during the mating season. Or you can let your ducks cross and see what different shapes and colors you will get with their ducklings.


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