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Ducklings: White Crested

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They look like they're wearing little bonnets! The White Crested is a classic duck breed, having records of its existence as early as 1660 due to its presence in paintings by the Dutch painter Jan Steen. Later, other Dutch painters also included this breed of duck in their paintings. The Crested duck was admitted into the American Registry in 1874. The White Crested weighs 6-7.25 lbs, and is an excellent breeder. The female lays 100-130 extra large, mostly white eggs laying 80-90 grams per year. A small percentage may be tinted blue or green.

The males and females are entirely white including the crest on their head, and they have blue eyes, yellow bills, and light orange shanks and feet.

Not all White Crested hatch with a crest, but we only sell the ones that do, and although we only have White Crested breeders, we occasionally hatch other crested ducks such as the Blue Swedish, Rouen, or Buff. If you're into showing your fowl, any duck breed with a crest can be shown in the Crested class!

Our ducks will fully integrate with all the other breeds that we offer. If you want purebred ducklings hatching from your ducks, make sure you separate your ducks by breed during the mating season. Or you can let your ducks cross and see what different shapes and colors you will get with their ducklings.

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  • Although your waterfowl order will need to be picked up from your local post office, please provide us with your physical address when placing your order. We cannot accept P.O. Box numbers for orders.
  • Waterfowl are hatched and shipped on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays of the shipment week that you choose at checkout. The minimum order of day-old ducklings shipped to Rhode Island is 12 due to Rhode Island state law.

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