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Goslings: African

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Brown African geese were introduced to Europe in the late 1700s and to the USA in the mid 1800s. Their name is a misnomer because they are not in fact from Africa. They originated from the wild Asian Swan Goose of China. In fact our geese resemble the original Chinese “Lion Head” breed in both their shape and coloration.

Brown African geese have a medium brown head with light fawn cheeks and dewlap, dark brown eyes, and a black bill and knob. Their neck, chest, back and tail are light ash brown although there is a distinct dark brown stripe down the back of their necks. Their wings have some dark slate accents and their fluff is very light in color approaching white. Their legs and feet are dark orange.

This beautiful goose breed tends to be noisier than others but it has good mothering qualities and above average fertility. They weigh 12.5-15.5 lbs and they lay 35-45 extra large white eggs per year. Our Brown African is mid-sized between our smaller Brown Chinese and the larger Super African.

Our geese will fully integrate with all the other breeds that we offer. If you want purebred geese, make sure you separate your geese by breed during the mating season. Or you can let your geese cross and see what different shapes and colors you will get with their goslings.

Note: In northern climates, it is recommended that Brown African geese be provided shelter as their knobs have a tendency to become frostbitten if not given sufficient protection from the cold. If the knob is frostbit, spots may turn orange but then the knob returns to black once the tissue is completely healed the following year.

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  • Although your waterfowl order will need to be picked up from your local post office, please provide us with your physical address when placing your order. We cannot accept P.O. Box numbers for orders.
  • The minimum order of day-old goslings shipped to Rhode Island is 12 due to Rhode Island state law.
  • Waterfowl are hatched and shipped on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays of the shipment week that you choose at checkout.

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