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Chicken Splints for Curled Toe, Broken Legs, Broken feet (4 Sizes)

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On sale! Give your injured birds a fighting chance with our new Leg Splints. Easily offer home treatment for your chicks with curled toes, broken toes, feet or leg issues. The Splints were originally designed to help with a duck's broken leg, and have also been found useful when treating a broken foot, splayed leg, curled toes, tendon issues, arthritis's from old age, or any other foot issue your birds might have! They also makes a great addition to an at-home First Aid Kit. First Aid supplies are always best to have on-hand rather than waiting for an emergency, right?

Poultry Splint Sizing Guide

  • Size 1.0: For chicks and baby chicks and other small baby birds. Splint has a 1" deep foot pad and is 1" tall.
  • Size 1.5: For juvenile birds or young goslings. Splint has a 1.5" deep foot pad and is 1.5" tall.
  • Size 2.0: For smaller adult birds or juvenile waterfowl. Splint has a 2" deep foot pad and is 2" tall.
  • Size 2.5: For roosters, very large hens, ducks, turkeys etc. Splint has a 2.5" deep foot pad and is 2.5" tall.

Poultry Splint Instructions

  • Step 1: Wrap the chick's leg with a single layer of a gentle, self-adherent wrap , such as Sensi Wrap. Make sure that the back toe(s) are sticking out of the wrap (not caught up inside it).

  • Step 2: Apply and position the splint such that the back toe is sticking out of the opening in the back of the splint. Refer to photos above for guidance.

  • Step 3: After positioning the splint correctly, use more self-adhering adhesive wrap to secure everything in place. Bandages should be removed and replaced daily to allow adjustments for growth.

Tips during use:
Chicks may not be able to walk while being splinted and may need to be hand-fed and supported until they are healed. We recommend using a Peep Pouch to help cuddle your chick safely during this time.

Made in the USA. The splint is reusable and dishwasher safe! The add-on self-adherent wrap is made of non-woven material which is breathable, lightweight and soft, causing less irritation to the skin. This bandage tape contains latex.

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