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Q: Are fertilized eggs okay to eat?


Fertilized eggs are fine to eat, in fact some people claim they healthier than unfertilized eggs, although we've never seen any data supporting that. (Let's be honest; if the fertile egg is fresh and unincubated, you're going to have the addition of just half a cell.)

chicken archer
Illustration by Ray Yang for My Pet Chicken

It is impossible to taste the difference between a fertile and an infertile egg, and barely possible to SEE the difference between a fertilized and non-fertilized egg with the naked eye. If you look closely--and if you have good vision--you will see that a fertile egg has a faint bullseye on the yolk, while for an infertile egg, it will just be an irregular spot.

fertile chicken egg yolk versus infertile chicken egg yolk
Illustration by Ray Yang for My Pet Chicken

Fertile eggs will only develop and hatch if incubated, either by a hen or in a man-made incubator, and it takes 21 days of exacting conditions, including just the right temperature and just the right humidity. if you gather your eggs regularly every day, they will NEVER develop.